It is a well known fact that the Civil War was the deadliest conflict in America’s history. More than 625,000+ Americans (Union and Confederate) were killed, which is a greater toll than all American wars combined, up until World War II, and more than any single American war in history.

Are you interested in seeing examples of the weapons, and other artifacts, used by the Blue (Union) and the Gray (Confederate) during that period?

An extensive display can be viewed at the Blue and Gray Museum of North Alabama at 723 Bank St. in Decatur.

The sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the official start of the Civil War occurred in 2011, and possibly a particularly appropriate time for a visit to the Blue and Gray Museum.

It was over a 150 years ago that the hostilities began with the shelling of Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay of South Carolina. The federally held fort refused to surrender and turn over their weapons, including highly desirable cannons and ordnance.  The order to bombard the fort was given to Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard by Confederate (CSA) president Jefferson Davis through his Secretary of War, Huntsville native Leroy Pope Walker. Thus began the Civil War, a horrific conflict that lasted for more than four years.

Those interested can obtain a great deal of firsthand information about this terrible, but historic, struggle, by visiting and learning from the Blue and Gray Museum of North Alabama.

Robert Sackheim
Owner & Civil War Artifact Collector